Micro School

Elementary Students

Small ONLINE Classes for Personalized Instruction

Centric Learning Micro School provides personalized, project-based instruction with a dedicated certified teacher for a small group of 10 families.

Instruction will be customized toward the needs of your small group, including instructional time and location.


  • • A project-based approach that is more engaging for students and their top choice for how to learn
  • • Students will encounter an approach that is set up similarly to what they will encounter in college
  • • Certified teacher teaching cohort of no more than 10 students/ FTF online class time for no more than 3 hours/day
  • • 1-2 hours working independently on projects or connecting and working together with other students
  • • 3 subjects a day, up to 4-5 hours total
  • • A certified, highly trained teacher with No more than 10 students per class
  • • Students will have access to a highly qualified teacher in their independent time working on projects
  • • Teaching project Assistance online readily available, and class teacher also available for consultation
  • • Students earn credits based on the quality of their project