Our curriculum provides an accredited approach to education for students internationally in grades 6-12 through a state-of-the-art learning platform, HERO. The curriculum focuses on project-based learning, encourages self-esteem, independence, and the development of 21st-century skills while facilitating a path to a college education and subsequent career paths. The curriculum can be tailored to needs and interests and so is truly personalized.


Our curriculum:

  • Is accredited from grades 6 to 12
  • Is highly personalized to the needs and pace of different learners
  • Contains over half a million learning objectives
  • Created and customized by dedicated, highly qualified educators
  • Connects standards across different subjects into meaningful projects
  • Integrates assessment and monitoring of progress
  • Brings together students internationally
  • Is cloud-based and available 24/7
  • The HERO curriculum experience connects course content, assessment of content and Project-Based Learning in one process. There are projects exemplified below.


This project combines English Language Arts and Health to provide a unique cross-curricular experience involving how society affects our self-image. Students are challenged to explore how society affects our self-image, and complete a research-driven motivational presentation on their findings.
This project combines Science and Visual Arts to examine the benefits and challenges of large-group behavior. Students explore herd mentality and present their findings in the form of a children’s book, much like the classic tale ‘the boy who cried wolf.’
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